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Michelle Gibbs, artist and tutor at the Omega Centre in Portsmouth, talks about her love of visiting art shows

I often walk away fired up, ready to get in my studio to start painting.

The beauty of exhibitions are being able get close enough to see the brush marks, layering of paint and luxurious colours, yet far enough back to capture the essence of the piece.

The effort in setting up an exhibition is astounding.

Lighting, wall colour and positioning of the artwork is just one small but vital part.

To experience magnificence artworks in the right setting is a wonderful thing.

Books are a great resource but nothing comes close to viewing them in real life.

I recently visited the Goya exhibition at London’s National Gallery and what a source of inspiration it was.

The exhibition explains the story of one of Spain’s most celebrated artists as a portrait painter. The portraits were almost three-dimension and I felt as though I was being watched from all angles.

I later visited the ‘World Goes Pop’ at Tate Modern, which was in complete contrast, showing art produced around the world during the 1960s and 1970s from politics through to folk art, an extraordinary exhibition of various kinds of media.

Visiting London is a real treat, however there are plenty of galleries and exhibitions in and around Portsmouth.

Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

n David Jones Visions and Memory, Pallant House, Chichester. Running until February 21.

Works by David Jones (1895-1974) painter engraver, poet and maker of inscriptions.

n Paintings by Stephan Geisler at Jack House Gallery, Old Portsmouth. Running until November 29.

A vibrant, energetic powerful display of paintings by German artist Stephan Geisler. Subjects covered include people, flowers and animals.

n The Passage of Tea Time at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre in Havant. Running until December 24.

We discuss our lives over cups of tea, and domestic china witnesses our most personal moments.

This exhibition of photographs by Gillian Hawkins links images of vintage china with the original makers in Stoke-on-Trent.

If you are holding an art or craft event and would like to share it with me please feel free to e-mail me the details at

Happy exhibiting.