Bikes and knives found as Gosport lake is drained

It looks grim at the moment, but Walpole Park lake will be restored to its former glory in a few weeks' time
It looks grim at the moment, but Walpole Park lake will be restored to its former glory in a few weeks' time
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BIKES and knives are some of the items that have been found in a drained-out lake as the council carries out cleaning work.

The items were found by council workers while they were clearing the north lake at Walpole Park.

Work to clear the lakes started at the beginning of last month after residents complained that swan faeces was causing a foul stench.

The restoration programme is expected to take up to four weeks.

Councillor Graham Burgess said: ‘The work is going well and the lake is being cleared out.

‘At the bottom of the pool we have come across a lot of bits and bobs.

‘This includes some bikes and some knives, along with the excrement and algae that was causing a smell.

‘This is a big clear-out of the lake and once it’s completed Gosport will be better for it.

‘Once all the muck has been removed we will be able to carry out the other work that also needs to be done.’

Gosport Borough Council decided to clear the lake at a cost of £100,000 as it emits bad smells in the summer.

It was agreed in March last year that 100 tonnes of sediment contaminated with swan faeces would be cleared from one pond.

The work aims to improve the quality of the lakes and reinsert water circulation between them.

The full project includes:

- Blocking of the contacting outlets between the lakes.

- Lowering of the water level in the south lake.

- Pumping out the water to the estuary from the north pool.

- Clearance of the silt and rubbish from the north pool.

- Unblocking of outlets.

- Returning the water levels on completion.

Leader of the council Mark Hook said he was pleased with the work so far.

He also wants people to help keep the park clean in the future by not feeding swans bread as it is bad for their stomachs.

Cllr Hook said: ‘I’m pleased with the way work is going and everything is on target to be completed.

‘What we need to do now is to educate people on what to feed the ducks and swans.

‘They need to be fed the right food – and that isn’t bread.

‘The biggest problem is the birds desecrate the park, and bread isn’t good for them.

‘We want to keep the birds there, so we would encourage people to feed the ducks and swans corn and maize.’