Biking brothers and sisters raise vital money for charity

(L-r) Kick Start instructors Gary Ashton, Ollie Shilling and John Douglas
(L-r) Kick Start instructors Gary Ashton, Ollie Shilling and John Douglas
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Bikers have united to raise hundreds of pounds for charity in memory of their friend, David Ayling.

David passed away last year when his motorbike came off the road and collided with a barrier. Since then Kick Start Rider Training have helped raised £800 for The Bike Experience (Tbex).

Ollie Shilling,51, from Brockhurst Road, Gosport is a driving instructor for Kick Start. She said: ‘We had known David for six years and throughout this time he became one of our biking brothers and an extended family member of the school, so we wanted to do something to remember him.’

Through a range of events, the trio of teachers including Ollie, Gary Ashton and John ‘Pinkie’ Douglas carried buckets around with them on rides and at a number of biking events to get people to donate to the charity.

‘We were asking anybody for spare change that they had on them but it was great that our biking brothers and sisters rallied around and gave what they could.’

At HMS Sultan’s Summer show, which is held every year in Gosport, the fundraisers have a novel way of getting people to donate.

‘We were giving children the opportunity to sit on our smaller bike, but in order to keep raising funds we were asking parents to donate a small amount of money,’ said Ollie.

The charity Tbex aims to get disabled people riding again, or give those who have never ridden the ability to do so through specially-designed bikes.

Gary Ashton, 60, owner of Kick Start said: ‘The money that we have raised will go towards a brake frame that is installed on a modified bike for disabled riders, allowing them to stop without the help of others.’

Kick Start will continue to raise money for Tbex and other charities including Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulanceand The Royal British Legion Biking Division.