Bills, curry and taxis: mail mix-up causes chaos for residents of Portsmouth street

Kathleen Martin is annoyed over a mix-up with her post ''Picture: Sarah Standing (151568-4132)
Kathleen Martin is annoyed over a mix-up with her post ''Picture: Sarah Standing (151568-4132)
  • Residents of a Portsmouth road are getting mis-delievered bills, takeaways and taxis
  • Problem started when a new block of flats doubled up on their numbers
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BILLS, take-away curries and late-night taxis are being falsely delivered to the residents of a city road because of a ‘shambolic’ mix-up.

Homeowners along Military Road in Hilsea say they are at wit’s end over the problem, which started when a new block of flats was opened at the end of the road.

It’s totally and utterly shambolic

Kathleen Martin

And although the Southdown View block fronts onto London Road, the flats there have been given numbers 1 to 59 – doubling up on the 55 homes in Military Road.

Among those up in arms about the situation is Kathleen Martin, a retired nurse who has lived in the road for 37 years.

Mrs Martin said ‘This situation should never, ever have happened.

‘It’s totally and utterly shambolic.

‘We’ve had taxis that have been ringing people’s doorbells late at night, late night takeaway curries, pizzas, you name it.

‘Some people have also had huge pieces of furniture delivered to their house that were meant for people moving into the new flats.’

Mrs Martin said some residents had felt their identities had been threatened.

She said: ‘One resident, she’s 86 and she’s slightly confused.

‘She was in hospital recently, and when she came home after getting a letter a letter she actually felt there was someone living in her house.

‘People are concerned that they might be losing their identity to other folk. You don’t know what it’s going to lead to.’

Mrs Martin said another neighbour’s utilities had been cut off because of the confusion, and bills and demands for payment had also been falsely delivered.

Husband Brian Martin said Portsmouth City Council could solve the problem by putting ‘10’ before the new addresses.

Council information service officer Jeff Crockford said there should not be any misdeliveries if mail was properly addressed.

He said: ‘The address for the flats is ‘flat x, Southdown View, Military Road’ and the existing properties in the road have different postcodes.

‘Any decision to alter the address would need to be approved by First Wessex and Royal Mail, however we have written to First Wessex to see if the Southdown View could be better signed.’

A Royal Mail spokesman also said mix-up shouldn’t be happening because the addresses had different postcodes.

Mrs Martin has vowed to keep campaigning until the misdeliveries stop.