Bin rounds to change over festive season

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BIN collection days are changing in Havant borough over Christmas.

Havant Borough Council is temporarily changing its collection rounds over the three-week period.

The changes are as follows with the new collection day in brackets: Dec 24 (Dec 22), Dec 25 (Dec 27), Dec 26 (Dec 28), Dec 27 (Dec 29), Dec 28 (Dec 31), Dec 31 (Jan 2), Jan 1 (Jan 3), Jan 2 (Jan 4), Jan 3 (Jan 5), Jan 4 (Jan 7), Jan 7 (Jan 8), Jan 8 (Jan 9), Jan 9 (Jan 10), Jan 10 (Jan 11), Jan 11 (Jan 12).

Council officials said all wheeled bins should be placed at the property boundary from 7am on the revised collection day. Collection days will return to normal in the new year.