Bins bulging with waste are a ‘health risk’ say Cosham residents

Val Long, of Fairfield Square, Cosham
Val Long, of Fairfield Square, Cosham
  • Concerns follow delays by city council in clearing bins of pets’ mess
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OVERFLOWING dog bins are putting children’s health at risk, frustrated residents in Cosham have said.

For the past four days people living in Fairfield Square have been forced to put up with bins in the street’s playing field ‘bulging’ with bags of pets’ waste.

The overflowing dog poo bins in Fairfield Square, Cosham

The overflowing dog poo bins in Fairfield Square, Cosham

The hot temperatures over the past few weeks, combined with the mounting volume of mess clogging bins have led to ‘a vile smell’ in the area.

The bins were emptied yesterday by Portsmouth City Council contractors.

But residents say it has taken too long to sort and that delays were putting the health of children playing on the green space at risk.

Val Long,63, has lived in the square for almost 60 years and said the receptacles needed to be emptied more regularly.

here are bags bulging out the top and the smell is vile.

Val Long, 63

‘There are children who play in that park and I’m scared they could go blind because of the bacteria left to build up.

‘There are bags bulging out of the top and the smell is vile. Last year was worse though. There were literally bags of dog poo piled next to the bin. It made you feel sick.’

Dog owner Val added: ‘The council has not learnt its lesson. They should be clearing the bin every day, not leaving it for three or four days.’

Another resident, who asked not to be named, said: ‘It is disappointing that it has taken so long for the bins to be cleared. It really should not be getting to this state. It’s just not hygenic.’

But a spokesman from the city council said the bins were regularly cleared and that the reason they were so full on this occasion was because someone had filled them with used nappies.

The council added it was investigating the delay in removing mess from the bins.

A spokesman said: ‘Our contractor, Colas, is scheduled to empty the bin every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. It was emptied Saturday and Thursday and we’re investigating to see if Tuesday was missed.

‘We’re sorry if the bin has been a problem for residents, but it seems it has been filled up with nappies and cat litter, which obviously are not supposed to go in this kind of bin.

‘If residents have any information on this, we’d be grateful if they could call 0800 0853840 or email’