Bishop’s Waltham residents battle the floods

Flooding in Bishop's Waltham today
Flooding in Bishop's Waltham today
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VILLAGERS have spoken of having to hastily build defences as water poured into their gardens in the worst flooding in years.

People in Bishop’s Waltham are suffering as heavy rain hit the village with neighbours clubbing together to stop the worst.

Trevor Snook’s home in Middle Brook backs on to North Pond, which poured water into the gardens.

He told The News he bought sandbags while others got tarpaulin sheets to protect their homes.

The 75-year-old said: ‘We did what we could on Saturday. But now they say it’s getting worse so I’ve gone and got another 10 sandbags for me.

‘My fears are if it gets flooded in here, it might not but ... we can’t get it all upstairs.’

Neighbour Sheila Mansfield said: ‘The problem is now that every time it rains, the whole garden is then flooded because the water can’t go anywhere.

‘It’s just coming up through the soil.’

The cause of the problem is nearby main springs that have erupted. Dean Lane and Dundridge Lane have also flooded.

But a group of dedicated volunteers have been working for four years to clear up North Pond in case of any floods.

Martin Wiltshire is part of the conservation group.

He said: ‘The sleuce is not big enough to take this volume of water, it depends on the next few days.

‘It’s all coming down from Dean Lane, where all the water comes off the downs, collects at Dean Lane and it’s awash now.’

Councillor David McLean is ward member for Bishop’s Waltham at Winchester City Council.

He said flooding was bad at Southbrook Mews and at least one home is at risk.

Cllr McLean said: ‘Those at Middle Brook deserve lots of praise for getting on and dealt with it.’

Anyone with flooding problems in the area can call Cllr McLean on 01489 891 911.