Blaze at truck rental building

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FIRE engines went to tackle a blaze at an industrial estate last night.

Flames and smoke were seen coming from the Ryder Truck Rental building in Airspeed Road, off Airport Service Road, Portsmouth.

Two fire engines and a special equipment unit from Cosham were called there at about 10.30pm.

The fire had started in the workshop.

Ian Sales, watch manager at Cosham, said: ‘When we arrived there was smoke and fire issuing from the roof area.

‘We managed to deal with it and get water from the outside.

‘It was a metal clad building, so we had to cut through the outer sheeting to gain access to the fire.

‘Luckily the fire was close to the wall of the unit.’

The fire was put out using hoses.

Firefighters found a melted industrial cleaning appliance, which had ignited because of an electrical fault after being left on overnight.

The fire had spread to a worktop and caused heat damage to a lorry cab.

Mr Sales added: ‘We were called by workers at an adjacent building nearby who saw the smoke and flames.

‘It was lucky they were still around at that time of the evening.

‘It could have been much worse, but it was contained.’

Firefighters were at the scene for about an hour and had to ventilate the building.

He urged people to turn off electrical appliances overnight, unless it is a necessity to keep them on.