Block of flats on huge estate will be an 'eyesore'

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Blocks of flats that will make up part of a huge new development have been branded 'ugly'.

Community leaders are worried that new three and four-storey apartment blocks along Hambledon Road, Waterlooville, could become eyesores of the future.

Developer Taylor Wimpey applied to build 121 homes - including 67 flats - as part of the second phase of a 450-home development.

A block of flats that has already been built has been branded unsightly by many residents - and now they are worried of more to come.

Two councillors from Havant Borough Council voted against building the apartment blocks at a planning meeting.

But the application was approved by a majority vote.

Cowplain Cllr David Keast, who voted against the application, said: 'I objected to the flats they are putting in because I feel the ones that have gone in are plum ugly.

'The block looks like barracks.

'Everybody agrees it's ugly. Why compound that by putting in a load more blocks looking similar?

'We are trying to get good quality design and quality appearance and I don't think we are getting it.'

Bedhampton Cllr Ann Buckley added: 'I think they are very out of keeping with what's already in the area.'

Denmead Parish Council claimed it was an 'aggressive and dominating style of architecture'.

However, Taylor Wimpey has agreed to plant trees between the flats and the road to improve the appearance.

A spokeswoman said: 'The next phase of our Dukes Meadow development will offer a number of benefits to the local community, including sustainable, energy-efficient homes, create 20 construction jobs for local people and retail units, which will open up a range of business opportunities.

'The Design Code, which sets the form density and scale of the buildings, has been agreed by councillors and will comprise a mix of three and four storey buildings in the neighbourhood core.'

She added the flats were in keeping with the rest of the development.

The Taylor Wimpey site will form the northern section of the Waterlooville Major Development Area. Grainger is building the other 2,550 homes, but those plans have not yet been approved.