Blocked Gosport river floods

Back of Homer Close, Rowner, looking on to the River Alver.
Back of Homer Close, Rowner, looking on to the River Alver.
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A RIVER in Gosport has swelled in size and changed course, getting closer to nearby homes.

The River Alver is blocked due to the culvert at Stokes Bay filling with stones, stopping the water from draining away.

And near the rear of homes in Homer Close, Rowner, it has grown to eight feet wide from its normal two feet, and council officers say that recent work in the area on aerial power cables has seen vegetation removed, moving the course of the river closer to homes.

The river is now about 30 yards away from the properties, where it is normally more than twice that distance away.

Council officers say that there is no risk to homes from the flooding of the river.

They have set up a small-scale emergency control centre after the river burst its banks at points of Browndown Road, Portsmouth Road and Privett Road West earlier today.

Graeme Jetsy, the duty emergency planning officer at the council said: ‘We’ve also been making contingency plans just in case we need to close those parts of the road and make diversions.’

Officers at the council hope they or the Environmental Agency will clear the stones from the culvert this evening.