Blue Reef Aquarium’s event to showcase crustaceans

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Weird and wonderful crabs and lobsters from around the world will be on show at the Blue Reef Aquarium this weekend as part of its Claws – Incredible Crustaceans event.

From cleaner shrimps and hermit crabs, to giant lobsters and edible crabs, the event offers a look into the 
incredible world of the sea creature.

Blue Reef’s Hannah Butt said: ‘Our crabs and lobsters are always extremely popular with visitors and this event provides the perfect opportunity to let people 
find out more about crustaceans.’

As well as regular talks and activities through the day, visitors can follow the claws quiz to discover more about some of the marine world’s most incredible creatures

Blue Reef in Southsea is home to more than 10 species of crustaceans from around the world.