Body combat event is looking to raise thousands

Sarah Southern
Sarah Southern
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She has raised thousands of pounds for a cause close to her heart.

And that is why Sarah Southern is this week’s We Can Do It T-shirt winner.

We’ve raised over £22,000 and want to finish with a bang by raising £30,000 in total

Sarah Southern

The 38-year-old is holding a fundraiser to raise money for Cancer Research UK - an event she has been organising since 2012.

The three-hour body combat challenge is in memory of her stepfather Ian Jacks, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He has since died and the body combat marathons have contributed thousands of pounds to fighting cancer.

The fitness class mixes kick boxing and martial arts with a high-energy workout.

It is now in its fifth year and Sarah has decided it will be the final event.

Sarah, from Farlington, says: ‘We’ve raised over £22,000 and want to finish with a bang by raising £30,000 in total.’

She chose Cancer Research because of the support and treatment her family received while her stepfather was battling the disease.

After last year’s event, Sarah said she also wanted to try and break a world record.

She adds: ‘I want to try and set a Guinness World Record with the longest body combat marathon.

‘It would be good to do that for the final one.’

Anyone can take part in the body combat marathon which is happening on March 26 at Havant Leisure Centre.

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