Boy arrested after school knife attack

Headteacher  Colin Rainford and pupils celebrate a good Ofsted report at Hayling College     Picture: Chris Moorhouse

‘Absolute delight’ as Hayling College secures ‘good’ Ofsted grade

A SCHOOLboy has been arrested after holding a knife to another pupil's throat and slashing him across the stomach.

Tom Weston-Davis, 15, was grabbed from behind by a 16-year-old boy after an argument in a lesson.

The attacker then put a knife to his throat.

As Tom pushed him off, the thug struck out with a flick knife, cutting the teenager on the stomach.

Fortunately he was not badly injured, but his attacker has now been permanently excluded from Hayling College on Hayling Island and faces potential criminal charges.

Tom's mum, Natalie, of Eastwood Close, Hayling Island, said: 'To be honest this wasn't even an argument, it came out of nowhere.

'Tom was in class when it happened. Afterwards the lad just flicked the knife back in and walked out the classroom.

'It could have been so much worse.

'Even if he hadn't cut Tom, it was the thought of someone holding a knife to my son's throat that upset me so much.

'You expect your children to go to school and be safe.

'I wasn't able to sleep or eat because I was so shocked and upset.

'Tom was quite calm about it.

'The headmaster said he could go home afterwards with his dad but he wanted to stay on and finish his lessons.'

Headteacher Max Bullough said the school had never had any problems with knife crime and he was shocked by what happened.

Mr Bullough, who expelled the boy, said: 'We have never had an incident of knives in the school before and the police tell me that Hayling Island is not an area that is involved in knives.

'Taking everything into consideration I have decided to permanently exclude the boy who brought the knife into school.

'It came as a shock to me and I think the message of the permanent exclusion needs to make it clear to everyone that knives will not be tolerated in school.

'He described it as a moment of madness and he very much regrets it.

'He understands the repercussions and would love to be able to return to school but I suspect everyone will understand why he can't.'

Tom's parents said they believe permanently excluding the boy was the only option the school had.

Dad, Nigel, said: 'Although he wasn't seriously injured it could have been a lot worse.

'We could have been dealing with something far more serious.'

Tom didn't want to talk to The News about the incident which took place just before midday on December 9.

A spokesman for Hampshire police said a 16-year-old boy had been arrested on suspicion of assault and possession of a knife.

He was bailed until December 29.