Boys organise sponsored run for little girl

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WHEN best pals Adam Williams and Oliver Ingram heard about their dinner lady’s touching story, they knew they simply had to help.

The kindhearted boys, aged 10 and 11, wrote to their headteacher Mike Bainbridge to ask if they could hold a fundraising day in memory of dinner lady Carolyn Turner’s little girl, Jessica, who died in a tragic accident in 2008.

At the front, Adam Williams, Carolyn Turner and Oliver Ingram

At the front, Adam Williams, Carolyn Turner and Oliver Ingram

Carolyn, who works at Titchfield Primary School, said she was touched by the response.

Carolyn, 42, said: ‘I’d put some posters up and some of the children were asking questions and I was explaining that it was for my daughter who drowned in a swimming pool and the response from them was so touching.

‘Two boys in particular – Oliver and Adam – decided to do some fundraising themselves and they arranged, completely off their own back, a fun run.’

Her daughter Jessica was just 21 months old when she drowned in a swimming pool at a friend’s house.

We wanted to make a big impact on people’s lives with the charity.

Oliver Ingram, Year 6 pupil at Titchfield Primary School

Since then, Carolyn and her husband Paul, both from Locks Heath, have held various fundraisers raising nearly £50,000 in aid of Child Bereavement UK, which helped them through their difficult time.

Their next fundraiser is a family fun day on Saturday at Paul’s work UPS, in Milbrook Trading Estate, Southampton.

But the schoolboys wanted to make sure it would be the most successful yet and they boosted the funds by getting the whole school to run a track that had been set up in the school grounds on Friday.

Adam and Oliver said they ran the track at least 40 times to test it out.

Jessica, who died in 2008

Jessica, who died in 2008

Even Mr Bainbridge himself got into his running gear for the day and did laps of the track.

Oliver said: ‘We were so downhearted when we heard that a child had passed away.

‘We wanted to make a big impact on people’s lives with the charity and we thought it would be fun for everybody at the school.’

The boys also organised a minute’s silence and they spoke three times in assembly to promote the day.

Oliver added: ‘Everybody has been amazing, they have all tried their hardest.’