Breathe Easy charity says thank you for Comic Relief money

HAPPY Eric Compton from Breathe Easy is delighted with Red Nose Day cash
HAPPY Eric Compton from Breathe Easy is delighted with Red Nose Day cash
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ON BEHALF of the committee, myself and the members, I would like to thank The News for informing Breathe Easy that we could be eligible for a grant from Comic Relief.

I submitted a claim for the sum of £1,000, of which £700 would pay for equipment such as ankle weights, handheld weights and pedal machines.

The equipment will be used at Buckland, Paulsgrove and Eastney exercise groups.

As more patients go on from rehab to the exercise groups each week, patients will benefit from this equipment so helping them with their breathing.

A big thank you must go to those people who donated money to Comic Relief.

The Breathe Easy group supports people with a lung condition, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. We have health care professionals that attend the meetings to help sufferers understand the condition and learn to manage it.

We also think that the carers deserve to have help so they can understand more how the condition affects their spouse/partner, and we hold social events such as a coffee mornings, outings, barbecues and a Christmas lunch.

I’m a member of the COPD South East Network, which works hard to give help to practice nurses by providing spirometry training for them.

As chairman I visit seven pulmonary rehab groups to give a talk of the benefit of Breathe Easy to them and to let them know that I suffer with COPD also and explain the importance of the exercise.

I attend conferences to give health care professionals a talk on how the condition affects the patients, this has been beneficial to patients as more GPs are showing more interest in the condition.