BRIAN KIDD: A reader's question inspired by Remembrance Sunday, plus a list of jobs to be getting on with

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Our gardening expert dips into his bulging inbox and sets you to work.

Q: I tried to have wild flowers combined with a lawn. It was all right, but having just watched the remembrance commemorations I wish there were poppies in this area. Can you buy wild poppy plants? BM, Hambledon.

A: I have never seen wild poppy plants on sale but you can buy wild poppy seeds at your garden centre. You will find them in the wild flower section together with primrose and cowslip seeds. Simply rake the area where you want them to grow and scatter the seeds. Don’t cover them with soil but water with a rose on the watering can.

Q: There are seed pods on my runner beans. Can I save these to grow next year? LD, Copnor.

A: Yes. Allow the seeds to dry completely and then put them in an envelop. Write the name on the envelope with the date and sow the beans next April.

Q: I sowed a batch of Feltham First peas in cells in my greenhouse. Last night something happened in the greenhouse because there was compost all over the bench and part of the plastic cells was damaged. I think all the pea seeds have gone. Any ideas? HV, Rowlands Castle.

A: Your peas have been consumed by mice or perhaps rats. Don’t give up. Find a pair of plastic buckets and put a couple of pieces of wood across the top of the buckets to form a shel. Put the trays on the shelf and replace the pea seeds. Rodents will not be able to climb up the buckets. I have to do this in my greenhouse at my allotment.

Q: We bought 12 Cambridge Favourite strawberry plants last April and planted them in our allotment. They cropped well. The bed was lovely and clean but we have not been well and this area is now overgrown, with weeds mixed with runners from the original plants. What do you think we should do to get them sorted out again? G and LW, Cowplain.

A: Cut the path first and then cut the grass edge. Use a kneeler to remove the weeds and put the weeds into buckets. Any runners with a good root can be replanted in another place but compost any which are feeble.

Q: A few of my potato tubers are green inside and I am told not to eat thes. Is this correct? I have never done any gardening until this year. HD, Eastney.

A: Green skins on potatoes are poisonous. If you earth up the rows there will be fewer green tubers.