Brian Kidd's jobs for the weekend

Care for the daffodils by completing these easy jobs.
Care for the daffodils by completing these easy jobs.

Complete these easy jobs to spruce up your garden. 

Remove the dead leaves from the base of Christmas rose plants to make it look glamorous. Scatter sharp sand around the clump to prevent mud splashes spoiling the flowers and foliage and it will help keep slugs away.

Little fuchsia plants are arriving at the garden centres. Buy them if you can keep the plants warm and take cuttings three inches long in a few weeks time to save money.

Some of the early daffodils have finished flowering. Remove the dead flowers and seed heads to allow the foliage to die back naturally and build up the bulbs for next spring. Then, scatter a cheap fertiliser such as Growmore over the area where the daffodils are growing

Don’t forget the birds appreciate clean water every day. They may have found their mate and will be making nests. They need the water to make the finishing touches to the inside of the nest.