Bringing Bible stories to life

STORY TIME Members of the 'open the book' team from
STORY TIME Members of the 'open the book' team from
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Rev Janet Trevithick, assistant curate at St Peter’s Church, Titchfield explains getting a new generation interested in the Bible

People might think the Bible is just a book of rules about how to live your life, when actually, most of its stories are about heroes, warriors, miracles and love and family.

We have found that one of the best ways to understand what these stories all mean, is to act them out for others to enjoy.

You might never forget that time when you played the part of the Prodigal Son or the Good Samaritan in front of all your friends.

That’s what we aim to do with the children at Titchfield Primary School.

Every couple of weeks our team from St Peter’s church head over to the school to read stories as part of our ‘open the book’ assembly to the children.

Each time, the pupils are selected by their teachers to help tell the story to their peers through different mediums of drama.

Having started the project in 2004, it has now run for 11 years with the same simple format.

A snappy half-hour rehearsal at the start of each session before the pupils take centre stage.

The children mime the parts to the story to help everyone else understand what its message is.

The children love acting in front of their friends, and everyone seems to engage really well with the performance, if the stillness and quiet among the pupils is anything to go by.

Our links with Titchfield Primary School are very special to us because it means that there is regular contact between staff and pupils at the school and clergy and members of our church.

Communication between a church and a school is very important because it makes Christianity and other religions far more accessible for young children.

As well as our ‘open the book’ assemblies, we link up through regular school visits to the church for special services and musical concerts, through Messy Church, and through the headteacher’s regular article about school news for the parish magazine.

Some people might wonder why we’re telling Bible stories in school assemblies, in fact, it’s part of the curriculum to teach all religions in school, and this is just one of the ways these schools do so.

We are always thinking of new ways to spread the message of the Bible to get people more interested in religion at a younger age.

We know it may not be for everyone but we hope it’s an exciting way to get the message across to a new generation.