Budget 2018: Defence cash ‘Nothing but a plaster’

EXTRA cash is being pumped into bolstering Britain’s defences as part of the Autumn Budget, Philip Hammond has revealed.

The chancellor pledged to give an extra £1bn this year and next to the Ministry of Defence’s coffers.

The cash will be used to boost the UK’s cyber security capabilities and anti-submarine operations.

It comes as the MoD tries to plug a £20bn black hole and as Britain faces a growing threat of cyber terrorism and a surge in military action by the Russian navy in the Atlantic and in UK waters.

But, Stephen Morgan, Portsmouth South MP, said the budget did not go far enough. The Labour politician said: ‘Some extra money for defence is welcome, but with a £20bn black hole, £1bn is nothing but a sticking plaster. Our armed forces remain overstretched and unvalued.’

An additional £160m is to be spent on counter-terrorism in 2019/20.