Bull terrier rescued from Paulsgrove cliff face

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Jean Everitt from Friends of the Earth, Cllr Trevor Cartwright, Cllr Rob Humby, Cllr Graham Burgess, Jean MacGrory from Hampshire County Council with Callum Manson, Thomas Houghton and Skye Maccoll from Rowner Junior School. Picture: David George

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A THREE-YEAR-OLD Staffordshire bull terrier cross sparked a rescue operation yesterday when it got stuck on a cliff face in Paulsgrove.

The dog, which is called Tyler, was returned to its owners by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s animal rescue specialist and support crews.

Firefighters rescue the dog at Paulsgrove

Firefighters rescue the dog at Paulsgrove

Control operators were alerted to a dog stuck 50 metres high on a cliff face in Chalkpit Road at 9.26am yesterday.

Animal rescue specialist Buster Brown managed to reach Tyler using a rope pack and get a dog catching pole around his neck.