Burning car in Portsmouth road

Picture: Habibur Rahman

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A CAR was destroyed and there was damage to other property after a fire in Portsmouth.

Fire engines went to Heathcote Road, North End, at about 2am on Saturday.

A Nissan Micra had been ablaze for some time and was destroyed.

A nearby garage and another car were also scorched by the fire.

Watch manager Andy Marsh, from Cosham fire station, said the driver of the car had arrived home at 12.30am and it was some time before he discovered the car on fire.

He said: ‘The car was severely damaged by fire.

‘It caused slight damage to a car that was parked in front and damage to a garage.

‘It was burned-out by the time we got there. There was some time from ignition to it being discovered.’

The cause is being investigated, but was not thought to be malicious.