Burst pipe causes flats to be evacuated

  • Burst pipe causes flood at block of flats
  • Residents had to be evacuated
  • Firefighters worked to fix the problem
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SIX families had to be evacuated from a block of housing association flats after a pipe burst and caused a flood.

The burst happened on Saturday in a sixth-floor flat in Portsmouth Road, opposite Cosham railway station, and firefighters arrived at about 5.45pm.

Our first priority was to make sure people were safe

Craig Sadler

Watch manager Craig Sadler of Cosham Fire Station said there was water damage to the flats below as well as to a bike shop on the ground floor.

‘The tenant told us the pipe had been burst for about two hours by that time, and water was cascading down through the flats underneath and into the cycle shop. Our first priority was to make sure people were safe, then to isolate the electrics in each flat, and then to try to stop the water going any further.’

Mr Sadler said two fire crews from Cosham and one from Southsea Fire Station were there, and the pipe was eventually fixed.

Fire crews also helped to save some valuables from the flats including computers.

Residents of the flooded flats have had to find somewhere else to stay.

A resident, who did not want to be named, said she believed the burst happened underneath a bathtub which had been reported to building administrators First Wessex several times before.