Bus driver is praised for taking detour to return patient to QA

A BUS driver was praised by his passengers after going out of his way in an act of kindness.

Monday, 14th August 2017, 7:33 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:10 pm
A Stagecoach driver has been praised for his kind actions

Stagecoach driver Brian George received a round of applause as he stepped back on to his number 23 bus after completing a diversion.

He had just returned a inpatient to Queen Alexandra Hospital, who managed to travel to Havant Bus Station five miles away.

Explaining the situation, Mr George said: ‘I came out from a break at Havant and was getting ready to take over the bus when I saw a bloke in a wheelchair.

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‘He was wearing a T-shirt, was barefoot and had pyjamas on under his trousers. How he got to Havant I do not know.

‘An ambulance turned up so I set off and that was that. But when I came back round, they were all still there.

‘A man from the ambulance asked if I could drop the patient off at the Red Lion in Cosham because his electric wheelchair was quite big and wouldn’t fit in the vehicle.

‘But I thought, what’s going to happen to him if I do that?

‘He could do a runner, or worse.

‘I went over and spoke to the bloke and he was shivering – he said he was frightened once he realised what he had done.

‘So I lowered the ramp, got him on the bus and told my passengers I was going to take a detour to QA.

‘I got him back to the hospital but I had to push his chair up to the entrance because it was low on battery. It was pretty heavy.’

When Brian returned to his bus his passengers applauded him for his actions, which he said felt ‘pretty good’.

On board was 75-year-old June Holmes, who said: ‘The patient was clearly receiving medical treatment.

‘He had straps on his hands and dressings on his very swollen legs.

‘The driver needs a medal – he was brilliant.’