Bus pull on Southsea seafront raises money in memory of driver Trevor

HEAVE The bus pull taking place along Clarence Esplanade in Southsea, and inset, Trevor Hutton. Picture: Sarah Standing (122664-6166)
HEAVE The bus pull taking place along Clarence Esplanade in Southsea, and inset, Trevor Hutton. Picture: Sarah Standing (122664-6166)

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USUALLY you see the driver inside the bus getting the vehicle moving – not pulling it from the outside.

But that’s exactly what this team from travel company First were doing yesterday in their fourth annual bus pull.

Trevor Hutton

Trevor Hutton

Money raised goes to the British Heart Foundation in memory of former bus driver Trevor Hutton.

A group of 15 people pulled the vintage bus from Clarence Pier, down to Eastney Swimming Baths, before turning around and doing the same journey back.

The event was organised by Trevor’s widow Christine, 57, of Fitzpatrick Court, Paulsgrove.

She said: ‘As ever, we were thrilled with the number of people that came out and supported it.

‘Even though we hold traffic up, everyone is patient and supportive.

‘We never put a target on how much we would like to raise – only that we raise more than the previous year.’

Mr Hutton died of a heart attack aged 56 in 2009 He had suffered from another heart attack three years earlier.

‘We will never forget the help that was given to us by the British Heart Foundation,’ added Christine.

‘It was a shock when it happened and the BHF supported us.

‘We wanted to do something in his memory as he was very popular and well-loved.

‘He would’ve approved of this idea.’

Scores of people lined the streets as they watched the bus pull.

Spectator John Jones, 74, of Owen Street, Eastney, said: ‘It’s a great idea as it gets people looking and involved.

‘It’s for a good cause too so it’s good to see it supported well.’

Dennis Busano, 33, of London, had come to visit Portsmouth for the day.

He saw the fundraising event and took pictures of it on his phone.

He said: ‘It certainly isn’t something you see everyday – a bus being pulled by people.

‘It’s a great way to raise money for charity.

‘I wouldn’t be able to pull the bus though, I’d get too tired.’

Mr Hutton’s son Lee, 36, an engineer, took part in pulling the bus.

He said: ‘It was a bit tougher this year as we had fewer people pulling it, but it was still good fun.

‘We get people beeping their horns as they drive past and change being put into the buckets.’

The vintage bus was supplied by Portsmouth Historic Society.

A barbecue was held at the Rose in June pub, in Milton Road, after which a raffle was held.