A new vintage vinyl store has opened its doors in Southsea

RPM record store
RPM record store
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A MAN who was made redundant a year ago is turning his passion into a new career and has opened a vintage vinyl shop.

Raymond Hare, has opened RPM at 159 Highland Road in Southsea, after his wife suggested the idea due to his large music collection.

RPM in Highland Road, Southsea

RPM in Highland Road, Southsea

The shop, whose name stands for Records, Posters, Memorabilia, doesn’t just contain vinyl – there’s a listening booth for customers to listen to their intended purchases, a large TV showing classic pop videos, a lounge area with a coffee machine, and downstairs is a poster gallery full of memorabilia.

Mr Hare said: ‘I’ve got more than 5,000 records, about 300 posters and some film props too. I’ve actually got one of the guns from Saving Private Ryan, there’s some Star Wars toys at the front of the shop and various film annuals.’

The process of deciding which items to put on sale was quite simple, said Mr Hare. ‘I’m into early Cliff Richard and The Shadows stuff, and I’ve often had to buy what I wanted with other things I maybe didn’t want.

‘I’ve taken out what I want to keep, so it’s been quite easy.’

Mr Hare’s shop was originally an estate agent, and after receiving his redundancy payment, he had to make a few changes to the inside.

‘I had to redecorate. I put up the sound booth myself and I arranged the lounge,’ he added.

‘It all took about three or four weeks to set up and it’s been easy to maintain.’

Mr Hare says there are about 20 or 30 customers a week on average at the moment. ‘There could be 15 on one day, but two or three on another day.

‘I get regulars every couple of weeks. My records range from £2 up to £80 depending on what it is.

‘For example, a Pink Floyd original pressing is bound to be high.

‘I usually get two kinds of customer. People who are really interested in music and memorabilia, and others who just like to browse and see what they find.

‘As long as I can keep the shop ticking over, I’m happy.’

Records, Posters, Memorabilia is open from 10am until 5pm every day except Sundays, when it closes at 1pm.