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Rachel Lowe
Rachel Lowe
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A GAME inventor has spoken of her pride after being announced as the designer and creator of the official Jumanji board game.

The sequel to the blockbuster film was released in cinemas on December 20 and when Sony needed an expert consultant to help create the official game for the franchise in just three months they knocked on the door of Portsmouth-born Rachel Lowe.

The Jumanji board game

The Jumanji board game

Rachel said: ‘Sony approached me in August. They had been told that I am a “respected games designer” and wanted me to help launch the Jumanji game. It filled me with pride.’

Rachel made her mark creating the popular board game Destination Portsmouth.

Since then she has launched 30 other board games and worked with Disney, Warner Brothers and other big names.

Rachel said: ‘Board games are a niche market but I’m very passionate about them and can turn things around quickly.

‘I remember when I started my first job, earning £1.20 at a fishmongers. I saved up my first few pay packets and went straight to Woolworths.

‘I bought Cluedo, Scrabble, any game I could get my hands on. I started building my own collection. I have such fond memories of playing those games as a child.

‘For me, it’s about creating memories for new generations with my games. So it’s really exciting to be a part of such a big project.’

This will be Rachel’s first solo product launched under her new company, Rachel Lowe Limited.

On her career, Rachel said: ‘I’m earning a living doing something I love. I can say that I created Portsmouth’s first board game.

‘I love the market research side, I love meeting the public and hearing their ideas and I love bringing joy into people’s homes with my products.’

The format of the Jumanji board game stays true to the original film. Rachel explained: ‘It’s very retro. It includes a pack of danger cards that represent scenes from the movie.

‘You insert the cards into a decoder to reveal hidden messages but the trick is that you have to work as a team to win. Either one person wins or you all lose.

‘I’ll be taking my daughters to see the new film as we’re all big fans. My kids were very involved in the feedback.

‘I feel really proud that I was so involved in this project and I’ll always fly the flag for Portsmouth.’

The Jumanji board game is available to purchase at