Anger over noisy lorries outside Royal Clarence Yard flats in Gosport

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  • Residents living at the Royal Clarence Yard, in Gosport, are fed up with an influx of noisy delivery trucks
  • The trucks, belonging to the Clarenco, are using an office block as a distributing centre
  • Resident Andrew McAllister said they are breaking planning law as the building is for office use only
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RESIDENTS are unhappy with an influx of trucks and lorries making deliveries outside their homes.

People living in Royal Clarence Yard, in Gosport, are fed up with deliveries being made 24-hours, everyday of the week to a building owned by company Clarenco.

Andrew McAllister has complained to Gosport Borough Council about the lorries saying the noise is making everyone angry.

He said Clarenco is breaking planning laws by using the building as a factory.

‘Normally, this area is a very nice place to live and it’s really peaceful,’ he said.

‘But suddenly we have a lot of truck making deliveries and picking things up and it is so noisy.

A lot of people are angry and upset because the noise is throughout the day.

Andrew McAllister

‘A lot of people are angry and upset because the noise is throughout the day.

‘People cannot open their windows despite the hot weather because the trucks are so loud.

‘Clarenco is breaking the law by using their building as a factory.’

Mr McAllister said Clarenco, which runs the Solent fort hotels, only has permission to use the building as an office.

But recently, they have been using it as a factory and distributing centre.

The 59-year-old added: ‘I have spoken to the council and they agreed with me that they don’t have permission to use it like they are.

‘They have told them to vacate but Clarenco are just ignoring them.

‘Clarenco keep insisting to us residents they are moving but they have been saying that for weeks now.

‘We have all complained to the council and something needs to be done.’

A fellow resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘I moved here because it is so quiet and lovely.

‘These trucks are ruining the peace around here.

‘It is about time they were stopped.’

A spokeswoman from Clarenco said: ‘We are sorry to hear of this complaint from resident Mr McAllister.

‘We are aware of the situation and keen to resolve this as soon as possible.

‘We are working closely with the council and are waiting for the council to confirm the date of a planning meeting to discuss this.’

A council spokeswoman said they would be reviewing the site after July 31.