Appointment to expand international students

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TO HELP boost international sales a new boss has been recruited to promote a school’s English language courses across the globe.

Meridian School of English, which has centres in Portsmouth, has appointed a new director of international sales.

Parrish Robinson will be based in Mexico City to work with agents around the world to attract more international students to study at its schools.

Mr Robinson said: ‘I’m really excited at joining Meridian, and spent the last week in Plymouth and Portsmouth meeting local teams, and getting ready to market and drive sales for the schools across the globe.’

With over 15 years experience working in the international education industry Parrish has been driving sales through agent networks and is hoping to bring more business to the schools.

Mr Robinson said: ‘The UK is the home of English, and a mature market for delivering English language services.

‘The global English language sector is a huge business and where the Meridian School of English is a world leader.’