Asda credits profits on ‘Prince George Effect’

Prince George
Prince George
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A supermarket has seen a stark increase in short sales in what is being dubbed the ‘Prince George Effect.’

George at Asda has seen a 35 per cent increase in sales of boys school shorts and bosses believe it is because kids want to dress like the royal toddler.

George, aged four, has become something of a trend-setter as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to favour dressing their son in short pants.

Asda carried out a poll on 2,112 parents and found that almost 2 in 3 said they picked shorts like Prince George for their own children to wear as a result of seeing pictures of George wearing shorts.

Around 79 per cent of parents said they are influenced by what celebrity children are pictured wearing in the media. They admitted that they sometimes attempt to replicate these looks.

A spokesperson for George at Asda said: ‘Parents want their children to dress well and increasingly we’re seeing a trend for copying the look of so-called celebrity or high profile kids when it comes to clothes. We are attributing the rise in sales of shorts to the influence of Prince George!’