Asda drops unleaded price below £1

Refuelling at an Asda petrol station (diesel, fuel)
Refuelling at an Asda petrol station (diesel, fuel)
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Asda today cut the price of unleaded petrol to below £1 a litre for the weekend.

Drivers filling up at any of Asda’s 277 filling stations across the country - including those at Bedhampton, Waterlooville, Fareham, Gosport, and Fratton in Portsmouth - will only pay 99.7p on unleaded and 103.7p on diesel.

The 4p price reduction came after the Chancellor confirmed he was holding off a price increase on fuel duty.

An Asda spokesman said: ‘Effective from Friday 27th November until Sunday 29th November, motorists will benefit from cheaper fuel prices throughout the weekend as unleaded falls to a new record six year low.

‘Asda will revert back on Monday to a market leading price of 103.7ppl on unleaded and 106.7 ppl on diesel.’

Asda President and CEO Andy Clarke urged George Osborne to continue with the freeze instead of the anticipated yearly fuel duty rises in line with inflation from April 2016. Mr Clarke said that feedback from Asda Mums indicates that any future increases would put pressure on household finances.

He added: “The Chancellor’s freeze on fuel duty is what our customers were hoping for but it doesn’t look like it will be long lived. We’re adding a further boost by investing in a three day fuel price drop meaning drivers can now benefit from fuel as low as 99.7ppl in the crucial run-up to the festive period.

“We’d urge the chancellor to continue with a freeze on fuel duty to help maintain discretionary income levels for families rather than going ahead with an anticipated inflationary rise from April next year. Our commitment is to keep prices as low as possible for drivers and we’d ask the Chancellor to do the same”