Beach huts in rate increase

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A consistent rise in the rateable values of beach huts across England has been revealed.

Ratings adviser Atus Group reported that the increase has hit 89 per cent of England’s beach huts, reflecting rising rents.

Huts in Southsea and Hayling Island have seen increases of over 300 per cent under the 2017 revaluation. Huts in Swanage are the worst effected, with a 678 per cent rise in values.

Group executive vice president Robert Hayton said: ‘Long waiting lists for huts mean sale prices can be high – reportedly as much as £275,000 for a cabin in Mudeford this year. Local authorities are looking for increased incomes and charging higher rents for the cabins they own. The result is that what looks like a cramped and draughty little house can attract a business rate bill larger than a Band A Council Tax bill