Boat company invests £200k in paint booth

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SELDEN Mast Ltd has unveiled its new start of the art paint booth.

At 41 metres long, a team representative said: ‘It is probably the longest, enclosed paint booth in the UK!’

The Olympian 1000 Series from Todd Engineering represents a £200,000 investment by Selden Mast.

The investment was made to increase the firm’s efficiency and capacity with painting yacht and keelboat masts.

The new booth is 20 metres longer than any other built by Todd Engineering and allows a mast of up to 100ft to be painted individually or smaller masts to be painted simultaneously.

Steve Norbury, Seldén managing director said: ‘The addition of our new paint booth shows our commitment to growing our capacity to produce quality masts of all sizes to meet the demands of our business efficiently and with reduced lead times.’