Brits pay 10 times more than Germans

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NEW research released by the TayPayers’ Alliance has shown that the government’s beer tax is costing Brits 52 pence per pint.

Pub goers and union reps are calling for the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to cut beer tax at this month’s budget.

A campaign group has teamed up with the British Beer and Pub Association.

The two teams are distributing 200,000 beer mats to pubs across the country, advising punters how much tax they are paying on their pints.

The research revealed that beer tax is having a larger impact on the budgets of poorer households.

It also revealed that beer is taxed more in the UK than almost every other country in Europe.

Brits pay 10 times as much per pint as they pay in Germany.

Results from the research showed that the average UK household spends one per cent of their disposable income on alcohol duty.

This is equivalent to £263 per year.

The TPA has warned that, if the chancellor chooses to raise beer duty again in the next budget, millions of Brits will pay even more for their pints over Christmas.

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: ‘It simply isn’t fair to expect consumers to pay more and more for a pint of beer just so the taxman can rake more money in.

‘It’s also hugely damaging to the pub trade.

‘George Osborne was on the side of consumers when he cut beer duty in 2013 – will Philip Hammond do the same?’