Business tax deadlines

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THE deadline for self-assessment forms may have gone, but there are still HMRC deadlines that businesses must take care not to miss, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) warns today.

Employers must ensure they have submitted P11D (b), P11D and P9D forms to HMRC by July 6.

Unlike the previous self-assessment penalties for late filing, the penalties for late submission of these forms are more subjective.

Penalties start at £100 per 50 employees (or part of 50) per month, but escalate depending on HMRC’s view of the reason for late filing.

The penalty is calculated as a percentage of the lost revenue to the taxpayer, starting at nothing for genuine mistake, 30 per cent for careless action, 70 per cent for deliberate but not concealed action, and 100 per cent for deliberate and concealed action.

More information on HMRC deadlines is available from