Businesses must prepare for rise of ‘robot workforce’

Robots at work in a factory. Picture: Shutterstock
Robots at work in a factory. Picture: Shutterstock
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A SURVEY has revealed that UK businesses are unprepared for the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

The findings were announced by Alexander Mann after the company held a poll, questioning 2,000 senior HR professionals.

The recruitment firm found that 69 per cent of people asked believe that, by 2030, it is highly likely that humanoids will be assisting in the workplace.

Despite this high figure, only 23 per cent believe we are adequately preparing the next generation of professionals for the rise of AI.

Director of technology and operations consulting, Laurie Padua, has advised that the increase in AI in the workplace could rapidly inject billions of pounds into the UK economy.

Laurie said: ‘According to Accenture, AI has the potential to add an estimated £654 billion (814 billion USD) to the UK economy by 2035.

‘However, the potential of any intelligent software is limited by the human talent responsible for commissioning, implementing and managing it.’

Before implementing AI, businesses are encouraged to develop certain skills to enhance the advanced technology’s potential.

Laurie said that there will always be a need for human talent in the workplace, especially in positions that require communication or creative skills.

Laurie advised: ‘HR strategists must become accustomed to upskilling existing teams and planning future workforces with robots in mind – but there will be no cliff-edge of job losses as AI replaces human workers.

‘Instead, the roles of real-life employees will develop so that we will work alongside robots to become more efficient and productive, and innately human traits will become more valuable than ever before.’