Chamber asks firms ‘Are you too busy for TV?’

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RESEARCH from TV Licensing has revealed that some firms are simply ‘too busy for TV’.

An increasing number of businesses do not require a TV licence.

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and TV Licencing are now asking firms to get in touch if they do not need a licence.

The study, carried out by Harris Interactive, suggests that employees of sectors including car retailers and mechanics are too busy to ‘down tools’ and watch TV while on their break.

TV Licencing wants to know which businesses agree so that it can minimise contact with those addresses.

Ross McNally, executive chair at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, said: ‘The need for a TV licence is sometimes misunderstood by businesses.

‘We help by explaining that if there is a TV in a common area, restaurant facility or waiting area, playing live TV, then a licence is needed.

‘When this doesn’t apply a licence is nevertheless needed if an employer supplies iPads or mobile devices to employees who download BBC programmes.’