Change is hard but it can be for the best sometimes

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The changing face of the shopping streets is something few can fail to notice.

It may not be a quick process, but each generation things alter in what can be a significant way.

The smaller community stores gave way to the rise of supermarkets in the 50s and 60s.

But then we had the recession-hit 90s and Noughties where big hitters such as Woolworth and, recently BHS bit the dust.

It would have been hard to conceive of this taking place just 30 years ago, but here we are today in that position.

As we report today, another institution is being lost.

Snookies in Southsea had a loyal clientele stretching back decades.

But things change and the doors have closed.

The site has been taken on by a successful Indian restaurant chain.

We wish them all the best of luck on the site that is rich with history. The new owners are optimistic and will create new jobs.

While Snookies will be missed, no doubt, the restaurant in its place now has the opportunity to make its own history.

On the opposite page we bring you the story of the revamped McDonald’s in Havant.

As the manager says, 30-odd years ago there were just a few items on the menu. Today, there are dozens.

Not only that, but you can order from your on-table iPad and charge your phone while you’re at it.

Great leaps forward that a generation ago would’ve seemed impossible.

So, while it’s sad to see long-standing favourites disappear, often it’s the catalyst for improvement and opportunity.