Charity appeals for volunteers to help collect donated food

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A CHARITY is appealing for volunteers to help collect donated food from two new collection points,

FareShare Southern Central is a charity that aims to tackle food waste and poverty by redistributing food which would otherwise go to landfill.

It is looking for new members to collect surplus food from two new points in Portsmouth.

Currently they deliver around 10 tonnes of surplus food to more than 150 charities throughout Hampshire and Dorset each week.

Matthew Wilkinson, development manager of FareShare Southern Central, said: ‘According to the UN there are eight million people in the UK who struggle everyday to know where their next meal is coming from. Yet at the same time thousands of tonnes of perfectly good food gets wasted by the food and drink industry every year.’

The food distribution charity works with supermarkets, farms and manufacturers and collects any good food that is surplus to their requirements.

This could be food that’s past its sell-by date or food that hasn’t passed quality control – but is still perfectly safe to eat.

Any community group or charity which uses food can apply to become a member.

Last year the charity provided enough food to create more than one million meals to those at risk of food poverty. More than 100 volunteers help sort, pick, pack and deliver the food.

Anyone interested should contact Matthew on (023) 8077 3132 or email