Charity bags raise money

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WHITELEY Shopping Centre bagged £3,973.60 for the British Heart Foundation by taking part in the charity’s Bag It Beat It challenge.

Every bag donated to the campaign will help fund life-saving heart research, helping more than 40,000 children to fight congenital heart disease.

Bags of clothes, CDs, DVDs and other belongings were taken to Whiteley Shopping Centre where they were donated to BHF. More than 200 bags were collected.

Neil Carter, centre manager, said: ‘I would like to say a huge thank you to all my staff and to the public who took the time to come to Whiteley Shopping and donate their bags of belongings.’

Before the charity was founded, only one in five babies born with congenital heart disease saw their first birthday, let alone their first day of school.

Now, thanks to research, around 4,000 experience their first day of school every year.