Clampdown on litter launched as officers hit the streets in East Hampshire

Hampshire Borough Council enforcement officer  Darren Hopkins in West Street, Havant
Hampshire Borough Council enforcement officer Darren Hopkins in West Street, Havant
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LITTER louts have been warned they will pay the price if enforcement officers catch them dropping rubbish.

Officers from private firm Kingdom have completed their full first day on the streets of Horndean after the local authority brought them in following their work in Havant.

East Hampshire District Council has begun a zero-tolerance campaign against people who drop chewing gum or cigarette butts, or don’t clean up after their dog.

If caught they run the risk of a £75 fine. And if they do not pay it they will be taken to court. More than 3,000 fines were handed out in the first year in action in Havant – reducing the council’s street cleaning bill.

Cllr Richard Millard, deputy leader at East Hampshire County Council, said: ‘Litter in East Hampshire is a big issue for all of us and has been at the forefront of our minds in recent weeks.

‘Our environmental team works hard to collect the litter which blights our streets, parks and countryside – but as with many things prevention is better than the cure.

‘This new campaign means that if people are caught dropping litter, such as cigarette butts and chewing gum, or allowing their dog to foul, then they will be fined.

‘We hope people will think twice before they drop litter and that will help us all keep the district clean and clear.’

The campaign will be run across the district but officers will be focusing on the worst-affected areas.

Officers from Kingdom Security will be uniformed with the council’s livery and carry ID.

On the announcement of the campaign earlier this year, Cllr Millard said: ’People who deliberately or even unthinkingly drop litter or allow their dogs to foul pavements and public open spaces are a blight on all our lives. This policy is aimed at stopping this public nuisance.’

The six-month pilot has been launched to reduce litter in the district but the council says there is no expectation it will generate a profit.

The council has also said that any money made from the new scheme will be put directly back into public services.

The introduction of Kingdom enforcement officers in Horndean follows Havant Borough Council’s use of the firm in its 

Last May the council employed the private firm to prosecute litter bugs.

More than 4,000 fines have been handed out since the scheme was launched.

Residents of Horndean who see anything they would like to report to the council or who have identified a litter hot spot can call the litter line on 01730 234131 and officers will visit that area.