Company highlights role of female engineers

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IN THE run-up to Women in Engineering Day on June 23, BT are highlighting the role played by women in their company.

Lauren Boswell, 23. lives and works in Portsmouth and has chosen the BT apprentice route which means climbing 20ft high telegraph poles.

Lauren, said: ‘I chose the BT apprentice job as there seemed more options available to progress my career in the company.

‘There is also the added benefit of learning and earning, I’m getting paid for a job I like doing whilst receiving regular training.

‘My work now couldn’t be more different from my previous job, as I worked as a care worker in a residential home.

‘Now I find that I’m regularly climbing telegraph poles more than 20 feet high, fixing faults.

‘I can be my own boss and manage my own work time, and I still get help and assistance from a close team.’