Company reveals its positive pay gap results

Fareham-based CSG closes the gender pay gap
Fareham-based CSG closes the gender pay gap
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A NATIONAL waste management company is closing the gender pay gap.

CSG, based in Fareham, has said it is winning the battle and has pledged to minimise barriers to further pay equality.

The firm reports a median gender pay gap of 3.8 per cent across its business.

That’s an impressive figure compared to the national average of 18.4 per cent.

The company, which employs over 500 people, presented its findings to employees at its network of more than 20 regional recycling and waste management facilities.

HR Manager Leanne MCGinty said: ‘The waste management industry might not have been seen as an obvious career choice for women,

‘But CSG has always been committed to the principle of equal opportunities, with a clear policy to pay people equally. The fact that we perform significantly better than the national average does not give us any excuse for complacency.

‘We recognise the gap is unlikely to be completely eradicated but there are further steps we can take to promote gender diversity.

‘We’re creating an evidence base to identify any barriers to gender equality and inform priorities for action.’