Competition winners get down to business

TRIP From left, Ed Adams, Qui Mai and Joshua Shaw
TRIP From left, Ed Adams, Qui Mai and Joshua Shaw
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Three students from Portsmouth Business School are raising money to fund a trip to Kenya this summer which will help local entrepreneurs set up their own businesses.

Joshua Shaw, Ed Adams and Qui Mai won a competition to work with charity Balloon Kenya but must raise £1,500 each to cover travel costs not met by Portsmouth Business School’s sponsorship programme.

The trio will work with Kenyan entrepreneurs for six weeks to come up with ideas which could help some of Africa’s poorest communities.

Joshua, 20, from Portsmouth has volunteered in Africa twice already.

He said: ‘I’m so excited to be going and to be doing something so worthwhile but also thinking hard how I can raise the funds to pay for it.’

‘I was ecstatic at being chosen to go. It will be amazing to share the experience with new people, build on my skills and try and help others,’ added fellow winner Ed.

All three applicants were selected for the trip based on their ideas, past experience and personal stories including Qui, 28, from Vietnam who was left in her small town by her parents aged 12.

She said: ‘I am passionate about wanting to help others overcome similar or their own limitations.’

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