Concerns over Portsmouth wheelie bin trial will be listened to insists council

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COUNCIL bosses insist they will take on board people’s concerns over a new waste bin trial rolled out in Portsmouth.

The city council has been criticised after it introduced wheelie bins on the Highbury estate on a six-month temporary basis.

The aim has been to encourage people to recycle more cutting down the amount of waste collected on bin rounds.

But Highbury residents have complained the bins are too small, workers refuse to collect extra sacks which can’t fit and there was poor planning over Christmas, when more rubbish is accumulated by families.

Addressing the concerns, Tory environment boss Councillor Rob New said: ‘We’re committed to encouraging recycling and reducing the amount of household refuse and appreciate residents’ support with the trial.

‘We’ve worked closely with the residents and have communicated extensively (both verbally and in writing) to all households in the area throughout the trial and will continue to do so. Any feedback from residents is most welcome and will be taken into account at the end of the trial period.’

The homes in the following roads are included; Windsor Road, Hawthorn Crescent, Chatsworth Avenue, Highbury Way, Highbury Grove, Dovercourt Road, The Old Road, Donaldson Road, Tudor Crescent, Old College Walk, Elgin Road, Pitreavie Road, Edgerly Gardens and Jasmond Road. It also includes all homes from 1 to 75 Portsmouth Road (including Highbury Buildings) but does not include 6 Portsmouth Road, and the properties between 11B and 36.