Contaminated rubbish fuels residents’ fears over Welborne scheme

WHAT A MESS Flytipped builders' waste dumped at the Welborne site
WHAT A MESS Flytipped builders' waste dumped at the Welborne site
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TOXIC asbestos and builders’ waste has been dumped at the proposed site of new town Welborne.

The rubbish was found by Nevil Simpson on land which is part of the Dean Farm Estate.

After reporting the rubbish to Fareham Borough Council, Nevil got an email from a contaminated land officer saying that an inspection of the site had revealed ‘a large quantity of what appears to be asbestos cement sheets’.

He said: ‘Many of us local residents have an interest in preserving the fields and wildlife that surround our villages.

‘If building is to take place on this land in the future, I’m sure that people would like to know what efforts will be made to clean up any contamination and whether this is an isolated incident or what else has been disposed of on this land.’

Leader of Fareham Borough Council Sean Woodward says that incidents like this have no bearing on future development and that fly-tipping is an issue which the council has to deal with regardless.

He said: ‘It’s absolutely nothing to do with the development.

‘It’s not an isolated incident. People do fly tip and unfortunately some people are absolutely unscrupulous and it’s more often cowboy traders who turn up at people’s houses and offer to dispose of their waste.

‘The responsibility for it falls onto the owner of the land and when it is hazardous we involve the environment agency who will then deal with it. The moral of the story is people should absolutely beware of cowboy traders.’

The Welborne development includes 6,000 new homes which will be built on green land north of Fareham. The plans have been met with opposition from residents since being announced in 2013.

Problems have been raised such as extra traffic, loss of green space and if it will be self-sustaining.

Government inspector David Hogger was tasked with deciding if the plan was ‘sound.’ A series of hearings were held last year to discuss the plan thoroughly. It is unknown when the decision will be made.