Councillor takes up slow internet issue with leader

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GOOD broadband speed is a must for rural areas, according to a county councillor’s latest drive.

Hampshire county councillor Rob Humby took up the issue of slow broadband speed in the countryside after he was contacted by several residents and businesses in Bishop’s Waltham.

The residents were frustrated with their slow connection, so Cllr Humby met council leader Roy Perry to discuss the issue.

Cllr Humby said: ‘I understand there has to be a certain level of commercial viability to get the connection to rural locations but we have to speak up for the rural bits of the county to ensure that we don’t end up as the “poor relation” of towns and cities.

‘Small businesses in the countryside rely on a decent internet connection to submit paperwork and to run their firms.

‘This is not just about kids playing games or chatting with their friends; a lack of broadband infrastructure in rural areas threatens the existence of many businesses in our countryside.’

Cllr Perry supported Cllr Humby’s push for better rural broadband.

He said: ‘Getting a good internet connection to rural areas and ensuring that our business and farming communities have that superfast link to online commerce is absolutely crucial.’

The county council previously announced that 95 per cent of the county will receive superfast broadband by the end of 2017.