David Beckham inspires Portsmouth dad to publish football book – more than a decade after writing it

David Beckham, left, and Phil Tusler with his book
David Beckham, left, and Phil Tusler with his book

AN AUTHOR who lost the book he wrote for his son more than 14 years ago has finally found and published the manuscript.

Phil Tusler started writing a football book for his son but gave up hopes of finishing it when he lost the manuscript.

Beckhams Boots by Phil Tusler

Beckhams Boots by Phil Tusler

The 57-year-old from Portsmouth said: ‘I started writing it when my son was only ten years old. He’s 25 now so I’ve had to apologise to him for it taking so long.

‘The simple truth is I completed 95 per cent of it and then mislaid the manuscript. I couldn’t remember where I had put it and over the years just assumed it must have got thrown out.

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‘Luckily my wife found it down the back of an old filing cabinet one day and there it was, a bit musty and crumpled, but all in one piece. I thought I’ve got to finish it now.’

Author Phil Tusler

Author Phil Tusler

Phil has since finished and published his story, Beckham’s Boots, which follows a young boy whose passion for football isn’t matched by his ability until he receives a pair of David Beckham’s old football boots.

Phil said: ‘I first developed a passion for reading and writing at junior school thanks to some great teachers who instilled in me a love of books.

‘There are lot of children out there who live and breath sport whether they are any good at it or not and none more so than football.

‘The main character, Billy Boyle, is typical of them. He’d love just to be a half-decent player but something is holding him back.

‘Then he buys a pair of David Beckham's schoolboy boots at a sporting auction which seem to have magical qualities which transform his game.’

The former Portsmouth Grammer School student hopes the storyline will strike a chord with youngsters.

He added: ‘It may have taken fourteen years to finish but I think it been worth the wait. David Beckham has been a sporting icon for many years and it is fitting he should provide the inspiration for both myself and the book’s main character Billy.’

Aimed at seven to 12-year-olds,  Phil hopes it will become the first in a series of children book releases.

He said: ‘It is so important that we get youngsters reading from an early age.

‘If we do that, it can lead to a lifelong love of books which is so important in this high-tech age.’

Beckham’s Boots is available to purchase on Amazon.