Delay in re-opening of Portsmouth pub after it was left in ‘disgusting state’ says owner

  • Row continues over The Fort Cumberland Arms as owner blames tenants for catalogue of problems
  • Comes after couple blamed Chris Hunt for lack of financial support and said they were forced to quit
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THE reopening of a pub has been delayed after it was left in a ‘disgusting’ state, according to its owner.

Dave and Tina Dolling quit The Fort Cumberland Arms, in Eastney Road, Eastney, after blaming freeholder Chris Hunt for not supporting them to make improvements.

If you give someone a bucket and they don’t wash it out and it gets dirty, it’s something they must sort out.

Chris Hunt, owner of The Fort Cumberland Arms

But Mr Hunt said it was the responsibility of the couple to get the pub up to scratch.

And he said the local was due to be reopened under new management yesterday, but major improvements now have to be made.

Mr Hunt said: ‘The pub was unable to reopen.

‘The beer line was so dirty, we have to get a new installation in.

‘It looked like it was never cleaned – it was like tar inside. It was absolutely their (Mr and Mrs Dolling’s) responsibility. A beer line is something I have no control over.

‘There were dog hairs on the bar, it was absolutely disgusting.’

Mr Hunt said the improvement works will be carried out on Wednesday.

But he said it was sad to see his former tenants leave.

He said: ‘I am disappointed they have gone.

‘They are a really nice couple.’

But Mrs Dolling said: ‘I cleaned those lines every single week. Those lines were not manky at all.

‘He was changing the locks as we were packing. We had dogs, but not in the bar.’