Digital Kitbag delivers success for local businesses through Google AdWords campaigns

Digital Kitbag success
Digital Kitbag success
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Digital Kitbag, the Johnston Press-owned digital marketing service for small and medium-sized businesses, has delivered brilliant results for clients through its Google AdWords service.

Kingdom Spas, a spa and hot tub supplier in West Sussex, have recently used the service and boasted strong success as a result of their campaign. The video testimonial can be viewed on the Digital Kitbag YouTube channel below.

John Hunnisset of Kingdom Spas said: “Working with Digital Kitbag has really been a great experience. They have rung us regularly with suggestions, improvements and helpful comments so that’s been very useful, but also if we’ve contacted them we’ve had really good, helpful feedback. They’ve answered our questions, it’s been really as good as you could hope for.

“Definitely we’re getting new customers. We’re up 50% on sales, it’s made a huge difference to us.”

Digital Kitbag is a simple and effective one-stop-shop which utilises Johnston Press’ extensive digital expertise to provide a fully integrated digital marketing solution for local businesses keen to reach an online audience for the first time or ensure their business website is unique and has stand out.

As a Google AdWords Premier SME Partner, Digital Kitbag strive to achieve the highest standards in developing, launching and managing Google AdWords campaigns for local businesses. They were also recently named winner of Google’s 2014 EMEA Premier SMB Partner Awards - Largest Increase in Active Advertiser Base (Emerging Partner) champion.

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