‘EU referendum is the most important vote of our lifetime’

The European Parliament in Strasbourg
The European Parliament in Strasbourg
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SEIZE this once-in-a-lifetime chance to shape Britain’s future for generations to come.

That’s the message from MEPs representing Britain in the European Union ahead of next week’s referendum over whether the UK should stay or leave the political and economic bloc.

It’s all about Britain. It’s about the future of the UK and our position in the world.

Lib Dem south east MEP Catherine Bearder

Politicians are split over whether the UK should retain its membership and keep the privileges it enjoys as an EU member state – or go it alone and potentially become a stronger global force.

But those representing the UK’s south-east region in the European Parliament say regardless of people’s opinions, it’s crucial they have their say.

Speaking to The News at the European Parliament’s Strasbourg headquarters, Lib Dem south east MEP Catherine Bearder said: ‘It’s all about Britain.

‘It’s about the future of the UK and our position in the world.

‘It’s not about going back to the past.

‘People need to vote because this is for their children’s future and for their grandchildren.

‘This will set the tone for the next 20 to 30 years.

‘It’s bigger than any general election.

‘There is no second vote, this is the one and only chance.

‘We are not going to be offered a second chance of coming back in.

‘The outers will have you think that Great Britain, the UK and England have been completely subsumed by the EU, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.’

Tory MEP Dan Hannan, a proud supporter of the campaign to leave the EU – dubbed Brexit – said: ‘People need to understand the consequences of voting both ways.

‘This is your one chance to stand amicably outside the EU’s problems.

‘There are two fundamental crises in the EU – there is the Euro crisis and then there’s the migration crisis.

‘This referendum is an instruction to the government – it’s a mandate.

‘It’s saying, get us out on the best terms you can find.’

Speaking about the importance of the referendum on June 23, Green Party MEP Keith Taylor said: ‘The polls are tight.

‘The opinion polls are telling us, that it’s 50-50, so every single vote does count.

‘Nobody has to do it, but if you are worried about the future and your children, they are going to be far better off with Britain being part of the EU, because it means they 
can study and travel anywhere.’

Ukip MEP and UK national leader, Nigel Farage, added: ‘It’s all about turn out; this 
is a long-term political decision.

‘It’s probably the most important vote people will have in their lives.’